Prerana Educational Social Trust

PES Trust, established in 2007, offers quality educational services. The trust is run by eminent educationists viz., Dr M.R.Doreswamy as the Chairman, Mr Raghavendra B Y as Managing Trustee, Prof. Jawahar D as the Trustee and Treasurer, Mr Vijayendra B Y as Trustee and Joint Treasurer, Mrs Arunadevi S Y as the Trustee and Mrs Tejashwini B.R as the Trustee and Mrs Umadevi S Y as the CEO and Mr. Subash B.R as Chief Operating Officer of PES Trust.


Our service focuses on the educational sector. We rely on talents, qualifications, experience, and enthusiasm from all employees in establishing competitive advantage and building a successful educational institution.


We are committed to a set of educational values based on our philosophy of equal opportunity, fair treatment, creation of motivation and performance, recognition and reward and open-door communication that facilitates meaningful exchange of ideas.

A person who takes pride in one's work is capable of putting in as much effort to produce the best and wants to take pride in one’s work.The institution shall strive to create a motivational atmosphere with every aspect of creativity that will be encouraged and calculated risk-taking which will be promoted at all times.

To develop the pride in one’s own work, the institution shall strive to create as much motivational climate as is expected. Every aspect of creativity shall be encouraged, and in furtherance of this.Apart from this, a calculated risk-taking will be promoted at all times.

As an educational philosophy, we shall endeavour to attract, develop and retain the best talent available and assign the right person for the right job. In brief, we shall constantly strive to make the workplace endowed with a positive work- culture.



PES aims to be the most preferred institution for engineering & management education, research and entrepreneurship by creating professionally superior and ethically strong global manpower.



We prepare students for professional accomplishments and to become responsible global citizens by fostering continuous learning and providing state-of-the-art education through committed and highly skilled faculty partnering and collaborating with the industry and the R&D institutes.



Our quality policy is to develop highly skilled human resources who will be capable of adapting to an intellectually and technologically changing environment and with the participative efforts of the management, staff, students and parents.


Equal Education for everyone

Just like a playground gives an even platform to everyone to put their best effort forward at PES Trust, we strive to treat every student equally and bring out their true potential, irrespective of a student’s academic or cultural background and the vital inputs are systematically fed through an innovative VALUE ADDED EDUCATION.